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20th June 2014

Shipping in Changing Climates Conference

At the Liverpool Hilton, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester held the 'Shipping in Changing Climates Conference'. Through our research into sail-assisted fishing Sail Line Fish made a presentation on 'Zero Emission Fishing'.... more

25th April 2014

EU Registered Design SLF 15

... more

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Feasibility Study

The Project aims to establish the feasibility of a sail assisted commercial fishing vessel.

When conditions are suitable using wind for propulsion to and from the fishing grounds it will utilise a renewable resource that will also reduce carbon emissions in the process. The energy and physical space available will limit the fishing methods that can be employed, with long-lining lending itself best to these constraints; long-lining produces high quality fish and is amongst the most sustainable of commercial fishing methods.

With a limited catching ability, the fish caught shall be used for market assessment and research. Shetland Seafood Quality Control shall undertake an independent evaluation of the whitefish quality of sail caught fish with current fishing techniques through visual assessment, microbiological shelf-life and sensory assessment.

Through this process it is hoped to create a niche market for low carbon line caught fish.

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Star LK850

The boat we use, the Star LK850, was originally built in 1970 as ‘Vigra’ by Walter Duncan... more


A timeline showing the major events and milestones acheived by the feasibility study into sail powered commercial fishing... more