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27th August 2017

Balpha Mast Launch at HISWA 2017

Following 18 months design and product development Balpha Mast will launch at HISWA te water in Amsterdam 29th August 2017.... more

14th December 2016

Balpha Mast UK Patent

UK Patent No. GB2502497 (A mast raised or lowered by means of a drive member Sail Line Fish Ltd granted 14/12/16.... more

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Balpha Mast

The Balpha Mast is a revolutionary mast system designed and built by Sail Line Fish Ltd. This foldaway mast system creates the means to use sail power onboard a commercial vessel without using extra crew or restricting its ability to operate.

Visit the Balpha Mast website here.

For commercial and leisure vessels proceeding under bridges during river passages will no longer be a problem. The system can be operated using hydraulics or for smaller vessels, a rope system. It has been specifically designed to avoid operation on an exposed deck.

Whilst not under sail at sea the lowered mast will reduce the leeward effect on the vessel.

Whilst in port the lower mast reduces the windage on the vessel, with less heeling effect.

The Balpha Mast is designed to lower within the length of the vessel, avoiding damage whilst in port.

Other features include ease of maintenance, alterations and repairs to the mast, lights, aerials and fittings.

The Balpha Mast will provide you with an integrated propulsion system when switching from motor to sail power.

There is potential to develop this system within a motor sailor or fishing vessel to create a versatile and unique production class vessel.

This is an excellent opportunity for boat builders wishing to expand their range by adding this pioneering system.

For all enquiries regarding the Balpha Mast please contact us

Video of the Balpha Mast in Action

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