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30th May 2018

Auto Baiters to Shetland Fishermen

Single magazine baiters to Shetland Fishermen ... more

27th March 2018

Price increase due 1st May 2018

Due to increases in supply costs, prices on all line fishing equipment and gear will be increased 1st May 2018. Sail Line Fish apologizes to its customers. ... more

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Balpha Mast - prototype to production

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Through completing the feasibility study into the potential of sail-assisted fishing the collapsible Balpha Mast system was designed, constructed and tested to a prototype stage.

The next stage is to advance the design suitable to test and trial within a larger 15 metre vessel. Through researching free-standing mast design contact was made with Naval Architect Eric Sponberg, FL, USA, the leading expert in free standing mast design. .

Eric's specific role will be to engineer and design the best mast suitable for the Balpha Mast system. Also involved within this Sail Line Fish International Collaboration is Naval Architect, Dick Koopmans and Marine Engineering Company, Ocean Kinetics. 

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