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International Windship Association Launched

News Posted: 17 November 2014

LONDON – 17 NOVEMBER, 2014: Sail Line Fish along with other founding members of a new association for the shipping industry have announced the establishment of the ‘International Windship Association’ (IWSA), an association that will encourage, advise and advocate for the use of wind propulsion technologies in the shipping industry.

 IWSA will facilitate and promote the technology, applications and general concept of wind propulsion for the global commercial shipping industry and bring together all parties interested in catalysing the development and uptake of these technology solutions. The IWSA will also play a key role in acting on behalf of our members and supporters within this sector in order to shape industry, regulators’ and international bodies’ perception of the concept of wind propulsion.

 A great deal of support has been received for the IWSA since its initial inception; thus far 50 members and supporters have registered and the organisers expect those ranks to swell in coming months following the successful inaugural annual general meeting for the association, held in October.

 Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary, commented:

 “Our goal is to be an advocate for the development of wind propulsion solutions in the industry, whether retrofit, wind-assisted, new builds or wind as the primary propulsion source.  We recognise and applaud the efforts of the industry to reduce emissions, the increased interest in renewable energy sources and the gradual changing perceptions about wind propulsion.”

FEcolineror further information see & International Windship Association Press Release