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30th May 2018

Auto Baiters to Shetland Fishermen

Single magazine baiters to Shetland Fishermen ... more

27th March 2018

Price increase due 1st May 2018

Due to increases in supply costs, prices on all line fishing equipment and gear will be increased 1st May 2018. Sail Line Fish apologizes to its customers. ... more

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Shetland Boat Show

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All aboard for the Shetland Boat Show

Shetland Boat Show 2013 Zoom Shetland Boat Show 2013 Sail Line Fish was pleased to be part of the Northmavine Charters and Ocean Tackle stand at the 2013 Shetland Boat Show. The strategic positioning next to the extremely popular Valhalla Brewery stand proved to be very successful.

Particular interest was shown in the latest version of hand jigging machine from Oilwind, see picture. This substantial and durable hand jigger can be purchased through Sail Line Fish. Please contact us for further details.

Also, a continued interest is shown in the Company plans to design and build a 15m purpose built sail-assisted fishing vessel. Further news on this pioneering new vessel Oilwind hand jigging machine Zoom Oilwind hand jigging machine with the collapsible Blapha Mast will be published shortly.