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27th August 2017

Balpha Mast Launch at HISWA 2017

Following 18 months design and product development Balpha Mast will launch at HISWA te water in Amsterdam 29th August 2017.... more

14th December 2016

Balpha Mast UK Patent

UK Patent No. GB2502497 (A mast raised or lowered by means of a drive member Sail Line Fish Ltd granted 14/12/16.... more

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Welcome to Sail Line Fish

Sail Line Fish is a supplier of commercial quality line fishing equipment saillinefish/products 

We are working towards an ambitious plan to develop a sail fishing boat with integrated electric hybrid propulsion. This will provide a high quality low carbon method of fish catching. On the road to this ambitious plan we have developed the Balpha Mast, an easy erect and foldaway mast system. We are also suppliers of modern line fishing equipment.

Due to the innovative nature of Sail Line Fish it has attracted funding from Smart Scotland and HIE. We hold Patents in the EU and US for our Balpha Mast.

We are currently in the final stages of product development and are planning to reveal the newly developed retro fit Balpha Mast later this year.

The Balpha Mast (

The Balpha Mast is a revolutionary mast system designed and built by Sail Line Fish Ltd. This foldaway mast system creates the means to use sail power onboard a leisure & commercial vessel without using extra crew or restricting its ability to operate. Read more about the technology behind the mast system.

View the Balpha Mast website here.

Sail Line Fish is also the agent in Scotland for jigging/auto-line systems and line fishing gear. Please Contact Us for information on these products.