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25th September 2015

Balpha Mast US Patent Granted

Balpha Mast US. Patent Granted on Sept 22 2015... more

5th January 2015

Northern Lighthouse Board Contract

Sail Line Fish Ltd has been accepted for a further 4 years contract for Zone Boat Services in Shetland.... more

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Welcome to Sail Line Fish

Initial planning began in July 2008 when oil prices reached a record high. Through the relentless development of sail systems within the leisure industry the potential for a sail assisted commercial fishing vessel became evident.

Balpha Mast (patents pending) Demonstration Zoom Balpha Mast (patents pending) Demonstration After a period of project planning smart: Scotland funding was awarded in May 2010.

The funding was successfully used towards undertaking an 18 month feasibility study into the potential of sail assisted fishing. The aim being to prove in principle, through the use of modern technology that sail power can be compatible within a working fishing vessel.

Sail Line Fish Ltd is developing two related products: innovative sail system technology and high quality line caught fish.

We are also exploring other options for 'zero carbon' fishing with hybrid sail/electric propulsion.

The Balpha Mast (

The Balpha Mast is a revolutionary mast system designed and built by Sail Line Fish Ltd. This collapsible mast system creates the means to utilize sail power onboard a commercial vessel without using extra crew or restricting its ability to operate. Read more about the technology behind the mast system.

View the Balpha Mast website here.

Sail Line Fish is also the agent in Scotland for jigging/auto-line systems and line fishing gear. Please Contact Us for information on these products.