Twin magazine automatic baiter type 27-03

Twin magazine automatic baiter type 27-03 Zoom  

The Oilwind twin magazine baiter is designed to automatically bait the longline whilst steaming at 5-8 knots. With the twin magazine baiter one line can be shot whilst the next line is being prepared, giving a baiting performance of up to 6000 hooks per hour.

The bait is lead through a narrowing, where the hooks penetrate the centre of the bait. Various types of bait can be used like makerel, squid and whelk.

The hook magazines can take up to 300 no.10 or 11 easy-baiter hooks.

For safety purposes the hooks are lead through the system from the hook magazine and over the stern of the boat.

The line is never in contact with the bait and is therefore always clean of bait.

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Price: £11,900.00 (ex. VAT) / £14,280.00 (inc. VAT)

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