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15th May 2019

Line fishing system to Malaysian fishermen

Sail Line Fish supplies line fishing system to fishermen in Malaysia. ... more

30th May 2018

Auto Baiters to Shetland Fishermen

Single magazine baiters to Shetland Fishermen ... more

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About Sail Line Fish

Sail Line Fish was established in 2009. It is based in the Shetland Islands, UK but has an International focus with representatives attending and contributing to the METS Netherlands, Tampa Ibex Trade Show, the Southampton Boat Show and the Liverpool Shipping in Changing Climates conference.

The ultimate aim of the company is to develop a zero emission fishing operation where wind energy both from sail and turbine generated can power fishing vessels and shore facilities. On route to this goal it has developed the Balpha Mast, a sailing mast system that can be retro fitted and easily raised and lowered while the vessel is at sea, thus enabling maximum use of this free resource. 

Sail Line Fish is also a supplier of line fishing equipment.

We hope to promote the fishing industry as it continues to provide from the sea.