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27th August 2017

Balpha Mast Launch at HISWA 2017

Following 18 months design and product development Balpha Mast will launch at HISWA te water in Amsterdam 29th August 2017.... more

14th December 2016

Balpha Mast UK Patent

UK Patent No. GB2502497 (A mast raised or lowered by means of a drive member Sail Line Fish Ltd granted 14/12/16.... more

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01/05/10 - Feasibility study commenced
Initial sail system complete and fitted to boat, commence sail fishing trials.

Stuart (left) at Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen in London Zoom Stuart (left) at Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen in London 05/08/10 - 12/08/10 Market assessment & training trip
The trip was to establish the potential this fish product would have. Fish markets and restaurants in London were visited. To gain more experience in the effective use of a line fishing system a trip to Faroe was made. This included fishing trips and visits to fish related factories.

23/09/10 The sail system designed by Dick Koopmans is now fitted to the boat
Initial sea trials show it is very suitable for the job in hand, a single crewman can operate it safely and easily from the aft cockpit.

12/10/10 First batch of fish passed to Shetland Seafood Quality Control
The first batch of fish was passed on to Shetland Seafood Quality Control for quality assessment and analysis.

31/10/11 Feasibility study complete

A total of 17 fishing frips were made covering 136 nautical miles, 33% of the distance under sail. With all fuel usage taken into account (including whilst shooting and hauling lines) sail-assisted fishing reduced fuel consumption by 17.6%.