Latest News

1st March 2021

Oilwind Electronic Jigging Machine 03-16

Sail Line Fish is very pleased to be suppling the Oilwind Electronic Jigging Machine 03-16.... more

15th May 2019

Line fishing system to Malaysian fishermen

Sail Line Fish supplies line fishing system to fishermen in Malaysia. ... more

30th May 2018

Auto Baiters to Shetland Fishermen

Single magazine baiters to Shetland Fishermen ... more

27th March 2018

Price increase due 1st May 2018

Due to increases in supply costs, prices on all line fishing equipment and gear will be increased 1st May 2018. Sail Line Fish apologizes to its customers. ... more

27th August 2017

Balpha Mast Launch at HISWA 2017

Following 18 months design and product development Balpha Mast will launch at HISWA te water in Amsterdam 29th August 2017.... more

14th December 2016

Balpha Mast UK Patent

UK Patent No. GB2502497 (A mast raised or lowered by means of a drive member Sail Line Fish Ltd granted 14/12/16.... more

17th October 2016

Auto Line System to USA

'Sail Line Fish enters US Market' Sail Line Fish sells its first full auto-line system to US fishermen Eduardo Benitez. Presently fitting out with line fishing system for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. ... more

25th September 2015

Balpha Mast US Patent Granted

Balpha Mast US. Patent Granted on Sept 22 2015... more

5th January 2015

Northern Lighthouse Board Contract

Sail Line Fish Ltd has been accepted for a further 4 years contract for Zone Boat Services in Shetland.... more

17th November 2014

International Windship Association Launched

Sail Line Fish along with other founding members of a new association for the shipping industry have announced the establishment of the ‘International Windship Association’ (IWSA), an association that will encourage, advise and advocate for the use of wind propulsion technologies in the shipping industry.... more

20th June 2014

Shipping in Changing Climates Conference

At the Liverpool Hilton, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester held the 'Shipping in Changing Climates Conference'. Through our research into sail-assisted fishing Sail Line Fish made a presentation on 'Zero Emission Fishing'.... more

25th April 2014

EU Registered Design SLF 15

... more

6th November 2013

European SAIL Project

Sail Line Fish attends 2nd meeting of Interreg IVB Project Hybrid (freight) Sailing in Rotterdam. ... more

23rd September 2013

Subsidiary Companies Incorporated

Collapsible Mast Company Ltd and Balpha Mast Company Ltd now incorporated as subsidiaries of Sail Line Fish.... more

18th May 2013

Shetland Boat Show

Sail Line Fish was pleased to be part of the Northmavine Charters and Ocean Tackle stand at the 2013 Shetland Boat Show.... more

15th September 2012

R & D Project Plan progress

The planning for the R & D Project 'to design and build a purpose built sail assisted fishing vessel' for Sail Line Fish Ltd is progressing.... more

30th August 2012

International Patent Publication

The Balpha Mast International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2011/001463 'Improvements Relating to Masts' has now been published. ... more

30th January 2012

Balpha Mast Market Research study report complete

The Market Research Group of the Bournemouth University have now completed the study into the National and International potential of the collapsible Balpha Mast system. ... more

6th January 2012

Market Research Study at London Boat Show

Sail Line Fish is delighted to have appointed the Market Research Group of Bournemouth University to conduct a study into the possible markets for the Balpha Mast.... more

31st October 2011

Feasibility Study complete

The joint funded smart:Scotland feasibility study to establish the potential of a sail assisted fishing is now complete.... more

19th September 2011

The third batch of line caught fish is passed to SSQC

Batch of fish, caught on the vessel mb.Kailee, has been passed to SSQC... more

15th September 2011

Young Company Finance, Annual Conference, Stirling

The invitation as a Young Company was through smart:Scotland funding. The subject of discussion was 'Profiting from Innovation'.... more

23rd August 2011

The second batch of line caught fish is passed to SSQC

The second batch of line caught fish is passed to Shetland Seafood Quality Control for comparison and analysis... more

12th July 2011

The first public showing of the Balpha Mast System

This system is the first of its kind in the world and seeks to radically change the use of sail power on motor vessels.... more

12th October 2010

First Batch Of Fish Sent For Quality Assessment

First batch of fish passed to Shetland Seafood Quality Control... more

12th August 2010

Market Assessment and Training Trip

The trip was to establish the potential this fish product would have fish markets and restaurants in London were visited.... more